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14.04.2016 |

How to choose the right kitchen sink?

The sink is the indispensable part of the equipment in every kitchen. It must be functional and comfortable to use. But you have to remember that nowadays the kitchen sink is not only an useful appliance. It can also serve as a perfect decoration of your interior.



Massive and heavy cast-iron structures of kitchen sinks are a thing of the past. Before, the kitchen sink served actually as a functional kitchen equipment. Customers made only sure that the kitchen sink would be practical and that it would meet their expectations. Nowadays, the situation looks totally different. People arrange their kitchens with careful attention to details. This is similar to the arrangement of their living room or bedroom. That is why people pay quite a lot of attention to each part of kitchen equipment, including the kitchen sink. Fortunately, the contemporary market can offer you a really wide selection of those products. Everyone will surely find for his kitchen the right kitchen sink which will satisfy his expectations as far as the functionality and design are concerned.   

How many bowls?

One of the most important criteria customers consider before choosing the right kitchen sink is the number of bowls. What can you choose? There are kitchen sinks with one bowl, large kitchen sinks with two bowls. But there is also something in between – one and a half bowl. You have to take the decision which type to choose depending on the amount of space available in your kitchen. Or you can take into account the number of family members – big family means more dishes to wash and of advantage here would be the bigger kitchen sink with two bowls. Kitchen sink with one bowl is perfect solution for rather small kitchens or for singles. Whereas the kitchen sink with one and a half bowl is relatively new solution which is a very good alternative both for small and larger kitchens. Many of these kitchen sinks can be found in the offer of the company KERNAU. An extremely interesting part of the equipment is for example the corner granite kitchen sink, model KGS T 90 A 1,5B1D. The corner kitchen sink is the best option if you want to use available kitchen space optimally and save a lot of place in this room. This kitchen sink is very robust and manufactured of high quality raw materials. It is distinguished by its attractive and modern design. What is more, this product is available in many various colours, that is why it can be successfully adjusted to every kitchen interior and match every style.

Granite or stainless steel

The currently most popular kitchen sinks are those made of stainless steel or granite. The stainless steel kitchen sink is an universal solution which will match practically every kitchen interior. The stainless kitchen sink is easy to keep clean and all impurities can be removed easily. You can use here various detergents without the risk that you will damage the structure of the kitchen sink. Another thing that has a positive influence on the popularity of stainless steel kitchen sinks is their relatively attractive price. In the offer of the company KERNAU you will find many interesting stainless steel kitchen sinks which will match the style of every kitchen interior. An interesting option for rather small kitchens is the stainless steel kitchen sink KSS G 60591 1,5B1D. Despite its rather compact size this product comes equipped with one and a half bowl and thanks to that guarantees high comfort during the everyday use. This kitchen sink is above all distinguished by its high resistance to possible mechanical damages.


The granite kitchen sink are more exclusive equipment of your kitchen. This, what distinguishes this kind of products, is the more durable structure which is practically the most robust one of all available options. The granite kitchen sinks are extremely resistant to mechanical damages, all types of discolouration, cracks and scratches as well as to the exposure of chemical substances used for cleaning. The granite kitchen sinks are available in various colours, among other things beige, black and white. What also characterizes the granite kitchen sinks is their very attractive design. This type of kitchen sinks are the best option for every kitchen which is arranged in a very modern and stylish way.


Which type of kitchen sink should you choose – made of stainless steel or granite? First of all, this is the matter of an individual taste and of how much money would like to spend on the kitchen sink. The granite and stainless steel structures look quite different that is why they must be adjusted to specific style of the interior where they are to be installed. As far as the price is concerned – granite kitchen sinks are more expensive than those made of stainless steel. 




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