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Telescopic cooker hoods

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The Polish manufacturer of telescopic cooker hoods, the company KERNAU, presents its offer for cooker hoods. They are distinguished by their reliable operation in two modes. That is why they can be connected through the ducting pipe to the chimney or work in the recirculation mode. In case of the first mode the telescopic cooker hoods remove the cooking odours to outside. If the cooker hoods work in the recirculation mode they efficiently absorb the unpleasant smells and fumes through the charcoal filters. This type of cooker hood is suitable for people living in block of flats. In addition, the telescopic cooker hoods come equipped with slide away cassette. This type of cooker hoods is equipped with two motors which thanks to their efficient performance and soundproofing guarantee undisturbed silence. The telescopic cooker hoods are controlled by means of slider control which allow for the immediate and easy selection of the required power level of the cooker hood. The slider control is designed in such a way that it is clear and easy to use. In addition, the appliances are equipped with halogen lighting which ensures even and bright light. Now you will have total control over the cooking process.

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